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History of Uganda

Under the 1995 constitution, there is an elected president and a one-house legislature.

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  • History of Congo (Kinshasa)

    History of Congo (Kinshasa)

    Pygmies who roamed the area during the Stone Age are believed to be the original inhabitants of what is now the Congo. See more »

  • History of Egypt

    History of Egypt

    The history of modern Egypt started after the permanent division of the Roman Empire into the Western Roman and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) empires in 395 A.D. See more »

  • History of Ghana

    History of Ghana

    Most of the ethnic groups that live in Ghana today migrated into the region during the 12th to 16th centuries. See more »

  • History of Mali

    History of Mali

    Mali was the site of a number of medieval kingdoms—Ghana, Mali, and Songhai—which gained wealth from trans-Saharan trade. See more »

  • History of New Guinea

    History of New Guinea

    The Portuguese and the Spanish were the first Europeans to know of New Guinea, through sightings and landings early in the 1500's. See more »

  • History of Nigeria

    History of Nigeria

    The most significant of the ancient Nigerian cultures known to archeologists is that of the Nok people, who flourished from the fourth century B.C. See more »

  • History of Sudan

    History of Sudan

    Information on the eastern Sudanic region is found in ancient Egyptian writings. The Egyptians traded with Nubia, the Sudanic area just to their south, and gained control of it for a while. See more »

  • History of Tanzania

    History of Tanzania

    Archeological discoveries made in the Laetolil area indicate that humanlike creatures inhabited what is now Tanzania as early as 3,800,000 years ago. See more »

  • History of Algeria

    History of Algeria

    History of Algeria. Cave paintings found in southern Algeria indicate that there were people living there as early as 8000 B.C. See more »

  • History of Angola

    History of Angola

    Bantus occupied Angola some 15 centuries before the Portuguese navigator Diogo Cão arrived at the Congo River region in 1482. See more »

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