Franklin, Battle of, November 30, 1864, a Union victory in the American Civil War. It was part of the Nashville campaign, and took place near the town of Franklin, 19 miles (31 km) south of Nashville, Tennessee. General John M. Schofield was the Union commander; General John B. Hood led the Confederates.

Hood and Schofield first clashed on November 28 at Spring Hill, Tennessee. Schofield's 40,000 men then moved north. Hood, with only 25,000 men, ordered an attack at Franklin. His aim was to prevent Schofield's army from joining the main body of the Army of the Tennessee under General George H. Thomas. Schofield was caught by surprise, but his men fought so fiercely that Hood's army broke into retreat. Union losses in the battle were 2,300 killed and wounded. The Confederates lost 6,300.