Lookout Mountain, Battle of, or Battle above the Clouds, November 24, 1863, a phase of the battles at Chattanooga in the American Civil War. The summit of Lookout Mountain had been fortified by the Confederates under General Braxton Bragg. Union forces under General Joseph Hooker charged the heights through fog and mist, taking the defenses before sunset. Union losses were 471 killed and wounded. The Confederates lost 198 killed and wounded and 1,053 captured and missing.

The battleground is marked by the Point Park area of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park. The site is three miles (5 km) southwest of Chattanooga. It forms the northern tip of a narrow ridge, also called Lookout Mountain, that extends south westward for 75 miles (120 km) into Georgia and Alabama. The battlefield may be reached by road or by Lookout Mountain Incline Railway.