Morgan, John Hunt (1825–1864), a Confederate army officer. During the Civil War Morgan distinguished himself as a daring raider, able to strike swift blows at Union garrisons and supply depots and then escape unharmed.

Morgan was born in Huntsville, Alabama, and was taken to Lexington, Kentucky, as a boy. He served in the Mexican War as a lieutenant and then became a businessman in Lexington. Morgan joined the Confederate army soon after the outbreak of the Civil War and in December, 1862, led a raid in which he and his men captured a Union force of 1,800 men at Hartsville, Tennessee. For this feat he was made a brigadier general.

In July, 1863, Morgan crossed into Indiana on his own initiative, leading 2,460 mounted men. Before his capture in Ohio three weeks later, he had drawn off Union forces intended for an invasion of eastern Tennessee. Morgan escaped from the Ohio state prison in November through an underground tunnel. He was killed in action in September, 1864, in Tennessee.