Winslow, Edward (1595–1655), an American colonial governor. In 1620 he sailed from England with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and became one of the founders of Plymouth Colony. After his wife died early in 1621 he married a widow, Susanna White. Theirs was the first marriage at Plymouth. Winslow was an agent in dealing with the Indians, and he was an explorer and trader. He served three terms as Plymouth's governor (1633, 1636, 1644).

Winslow made several trips to England. There, he was imprisoned several months in 1635 because, although a layman, he had performed ministerial duties. With the victory of Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans in 1649, Winslow returned to live in England. He died while on a government mission to the West Indies.

Josiah Winslow (1629?–1680), a son, was also governor of Plymouth (1673–80). He was the first native-born colonial governor.