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History of Victoria

The British explorer Captain James Cook discovered the coast of Victoria in 1770.

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  • History of Australia

    History of Australia

    The ancestors of the first aborigines may have come from Southeast Asia to what is now Australia some 50,000 years ago. See more »

  • History of New Zealand

    History of New Zealand

    According to legends of the Maoris, their ancestors came to New Zealand in six canoes during the 14th century. See more »

  • History of New South Wales

    History of New South Wales

    In 1770, Captain James Cook discovered the coast of eastern Australia and claimed it for Great Britain under the name of New South Wales. See more »

  • History of Northern Territory

    History of Northern Territory

    The region was discovered by the Dutch in the early 17th century. British settlement began in 1824. See more »

  • History of Queensland

    History of Queensland

    Aboriginal people have lived in Queensland for more than 15,000 years. The coast was visited by Captain James Cook in 1770. See more »

  • History of South Australia

    History of South Australia

    The area that became South Australia was settled by British colonists in 1836 and was made a crown colony in 1842. See more »

  • History of Tasmania

    History of Tasmania

    Tasmania was inhabited 20,000 years ago by primitive peoples (later called Tasmanians) believed to have migrated from mainland Australia. See more »

  • History of Victoria

    History of Victoria

    The British explorer Captain James Cook discovered the coast of Victoria in 1770. See more »

  • History of Western Australia

    History of Western Australia

    Western Australia was explored by Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and British sailors before 1800. See more »

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