Who were the most important figures in Canadian history, and what did they accomplish? Read stories of the most significant Canadian figures in these articles.
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  • Alexander Ross

    Alexander Ross

    Ross, Alexander (1783-1856), a Canadian explorer and historian. He played an important role in the early development of the Red River Valley, in what is now Manitoba; he served as a member of the Council of Assiniboia (the administrative district that included the valley), 1835-50, and as district sheriff, 1839-52. See more »

  • Campbell, Kim

    Campbell, Kim

    Campbell, Kim (Avril Phaedra Campbell) (1947-), the 19th prime minister of Canada, and the first woman to hold that office. See more »

  • Charles Le Moyne

    Charles Le Moyne

    Le Moyne (or Lemoyne), Charles(1626-1685), a French colonist in Canada. He came to Canada in 1641 and served as a soldier, trader, and Indian interpreter for the Jesuits. See more »

  • Coureurs de bois

    Coureurs de bois

    Coureur de Bois, a hunter, trapper, or fur trader in the early days in western North America. See more »

  • Earl Of Selkirk

    Earl Of Selkirk

    Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, Fifth Earl of (1771-1820), a Scottish colonizer who helped settle landless Scottish and Irish farmers in Canada. See more »

  • Eighth Earl of Elgin

    Eighth Earl of Elgin

    Elgin, James Bruce, Eighth Earl of (1811-1863), a British diplomat. As governor general of Canada, 1847-54, he carried out the plan of his father-in-law, the Earl of Durham, for establishing "responsible government" (representative government). See more »

  • George Brown

    George Brown

    Brown, George (1818-1880), a Canadian journalist and statesman, one of the fathers of Canadian confederation. See more »

  • James Wolfe

    James Wolfe

    Wolfe, James (1727-1759), a British army officer. General Wolfe led the army that captured the city of Quebec from the French, thus winning Canada for England. See more »

  • Jean Baptiste Talon

    Jean Baptiste Talon

    Talon, Jean Baptiste (1625-1694), the first French intendant (a chief administrator responsible directly to the king) in New France (French Canada). See more »

  • John G. Diefenbaker

    John G. Diefenbaker

    Diefenbaker, John G. (George) (1895-1979), a prime minister of Canada. In 1957 he became the first Progressive Conservative prime minister in more than 20 years. See more »

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