Who were the most important figures in Canadian history, and what did they accomplish? Read stories of the most significant Canadian figures in these articles.


Coureurs de bois

Coureur de Bois, a hunter, trapper, or fur trader in the early days in western North America.

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  • Alexander Ross
    Alexander Ross

    Ross, Alexander (1783-1856), a Canadian explorer and historian. He played an important role in the early development of the Red River Valley, in what is now Manitoba; he served as a member of the Council of Assiniboia (the administrative district that included the valley), 1835-50, and as district sheriff, 1839-52. See more »

  • Campbell, Kim
    Campbell, Kim

    Campbell, Kim (Avril Phaedra Campbell) (1947-), the 19th prime minister of Canada, and the first woman to hold that office. See more »

  • Charles Le Moyne
    Charles Le Moyne

    Le Moyne (or Lemoyne), Charles(1626-1685), a French colonist in Canada. He came to Canada in 1641 and served as a soldier, trader, and Indian interpreter for the Jesuits. See more »

  • Coureurs de bois
    Coureurs de bois

    Coureur de Bois, a hunter, trapper, or fur trader in the early days in western North America. See more »

  • Earl Of Selkirk
    Earl Of Selkirk

    Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, Fifth Earl of (1771-1820), a Scottish colonizer who helped settle landless Scottish and Irish farmers in Canada. See more »

  • Eighth Earl of Elgin
    Eighth Earl of Elgin

    Elgin, James Bruce, Eighth Earl of (1811-1863), a British diplomat. As governor general of Canada, 1847-54, he carried out the plan of his father-in-law, the Earl of Durham, for establishing "responsible government" (representative government). See more »

  • George Brown
    George Brown

    Brown, George (1818-1880), a Canadian journalist and statesman, one of the fathers of Canadian confederation. See more »

  • James Wolfe
    James Wolfe

    Wolfe, James (1727-1759), a British army officer. General Wolfe led the army that captured the city of Quebec from the French, thus winning Canada for England. See more »

  • Jean Baptiste Talon
    Jean Baptiste Talon

    Talon, Jean Baptiste (1625-1694), the first French intendant (a chief administrator responsible directly to the king) in New France (French Canada). See more »

  • John G. Diefenbaker
    John G. Diefenbaker

    Diefenbaker, John G. (George) (1895-1979), a prime minister of Canada. In 1957 he became the first Progressive Conservative prime minister in more than 20 years. See more »

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