Wolfe, James (1727–1759), a British army officer. General Wolfe led the army that captured the city of Quebec from the French, thus winning Canada for England. Wolfe was born in Kent, England. Despite poor health, which plagued him all his life, he was commissioned in the British army at 14. In the 1740's he served in Flanders in the War of the Austrian Succession and in Scotland against the Jacobites, the supporters of the deposed Stuart line of kings.

Wolfe was a brigadier general in America during the French and Indian War. His brigade seized Louisbourg, a French stronghold on Cape Breton Island, after an artillery siege. In 1759 Wolfe sent his army up the steep cliffs to the Plains of Abraham in front of Quebec. His well-drilled musketmen routed the French, but Wolfe was killed in the battle.