Campbell, Kim (Avril Phaedra Campbell) (1947-), the 19th prime minister of Canada, and the first woman to hold that office. She became party leader of the Progressive Conservatives and prime minister after Brian Mulroney resigned in June, 1993. She held office only four months, her party losing the parliamentary elections of October, 1993. She resigned as party leader in December, 1993.

Campbell was born in Port Alberni, British Columbia. She received a degree in political science from the University of British Columbia in 1969. She did postgraduate work at the London School of Economics and taught at the University of British Columbia before entering its law school in 1980. While in law school, Campbell became involved in politics and served on the Vancouver board of education. After receiving a law degree in 1983, she practiced in Vancouver. In 1988 she was elected to the legislative assembly in British Columbia as a member of the Social Credit party.

Campbell was elected to the House of Commons as a Progressive Conservative in 1988 and rose rapidly in the party. In the Mulroney government, she was minister of state for Indian affairs and northern development (198990), Canada's first female minister of justice and attorney general (199093), and minister of defense (1993). She also served as secretary-general (2004-06) of the Club of Madrid, an organization that supports democracy around the world.