The histories of the individual European nations played a huge role in world history. Learn about European countries one-by-one in these informative articles.

History of Belarus

The area of modern Belarus was settled by East Slavic peoples before 800 A.D. It was ruled by Kiev from the 9th to the 12th century, and thereafter splintered into separate principalities.

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  • History of Austria

    History of Austria

    When the Romans conquered the region that is now Austria about 14 B.C., it was inhabited by Celts. See more »

  • History of England

    History of England

    England's first known inhabitants were cave dwellers who hunted and fished and lived under Stone Age conditions until after 2000 B.C. See more »

  • History of Europe

    History of Europe

    The history of Europe is the story of many different peoples and cultures. Some peoples lagged behind, while others surged far ahead in the development of social, intellectual, and political institutions and ideas. See more »

  • History of Belgium

    History of Belgium

    Belgium formed part of Roman Gaul and of the Merovingian and Carolingian states. In the Middle Ages it was divided into the county of Flanders (ruled by a count) and the duchies of Hainaut and Brabant (ruled by dukes). See more »

  • History of Bulgaria

    History of Bulgaria

    In the seventh century the Bulgars, a Central Asian people, invaded the region south of the Danube. See more »

  • History of Denmark

    History of Denmark

    Archeological evidence has indicated that southern Denmark was populated 60,000 to 100,000 years ago, before the final Ice Age. See more »

  • History of France

    History of France

    Archaeological evidence indicates that France was inhabited some 400,000 years ago. See more »

  • History of Germany

    History of Germany

    The kingdom of Germany was formed when the Frankish empire of Charlemagne was divided among his grandsons in 843 A.D. See more »

  • History of Greece

    History of Greece

    Byzantine and Turkish Rule. Under the Byzantine Empire, Greece suffered invasion by many barbaric tribes. See more »

  • History of Hungary

    History of Hungary

    The ancestors of the Hungarians were the Magyars, warlike horsemen and hunters who migrated from the Ural region in the fifth century A.D. See more »

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