Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall (1948-), the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and heir apparent to the British throne. From an early age Charles was trained for the succession. In 1958 Elizabeth conferred on him the title Prince of Wales, designating him as her chosen successor; in 1969 he was formally invested as Prince of Wales.

Charles received a liberal education at rigorous boarding schools in England, Scotland, and Australia. He studied history at Cambridge University and graduated in 1970, the first heir to the British throne to earn a university degree. Charles served as an officer in the Royal Navy, 1971–76. In 1981 he married Lady Diana Spencer. Their first child, William, was born in 1982 and their second, Henry, in 1984. Charles and Diana formally separated in 1992 and were divorced in 1996. In 2005 he married Camilla Parker Bowles.

Charles became known for his interest in environmental issues and for his outspoken criticism of modern and post-modern architecture.