Amory, Cleveland (1917-1998), a United States social historian. The Proper Bostonians (1947) is a slightly impudent history of Back Bay “first families” from the colonial period to the 1940's. The Last Resorts: a Portrait of American Society at Play (1952) describes the social elite in summer resorts of the late 19th century. Who Killed Society? (1960) is about the lowering of standards in fashionable society.

Amory was born in Nahant, Massachusetts, and graduated from Harvard in 1939. After serving in World War II, he was an editor and journalist. In 1967 he founded the Fund for Animals, a humane organization devoted to protecting animals from abuse and neglect.

His other books include Home Town (1950), a novel; Man Kind? Our Incredible War on Wildlife (1974); The Trouble with Nowadays (1979).