Commager, Henry Steele (1902–1998), a United States historian and educator. His first book, The Growth of the American Republic (2 volumes, 1930 and later editions), written with Samuel E. Morison, became a standard college text.

Commager was born in Pittsburgh. He graduated from the University of Chicago in 1923 and received a Ph.D. in 1928. He taught American history at New York University, 1926–38; Columbia, 1939–56; and Amherst College, 1956–71. After retiring, he continued as a lecturer and writer.

Commager's other books include Majority Rule and Minority Rights (1943); The American Mind (1951); Freedom, Loyalty, Dissent (1954); The Era of Reform (1960); Freedom and Order (1966); and The Empire of Reason (1977).