Lattimore, Owen (1900-1989), a United States expert on the Far East. Lattimore, who had been an advisor to the State Department during the 1940's, came to public attention in 1950, during a period of fervent anti-Communism. He was one of the more prominent figures among dozens of persons accused by Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin of being Communist agents. Lattimore denied the charges and wrote Ordeal by Slander (1950) in his defense. He was eventually exonerated.

Lattimore was born in Washington, D.C., but spent many years in China, having gone there as a child with his father who worked for the Chinese government. He directed the school of international relations at Johns Hopkins University, 1938-53, and was a lecturer there until 1963. He was a professor of Chinese studies at the University of Leeds, England, 1963-75.

He wrote several books on the Far East, including China: A Short History (1947), written with his wife, Eleanor.