Horgan, Paul (1903–1995), a United States author. Two of his books—Great River: the Rio Grande in North American History (1954) and Lamy of Santa Fe (1975)—won Pulitzer Prizes in history. He also wrote novels, essays, and short stories. Horgan was born in Rochester, New York. He attended New Mexico Military Institute (1920–23) and was its librarian (1926–42) and assistant to its president (1947–49). After 1959 he combined a writing career with his association with Wesleyan University's Center for Advanced Studies.

His other books include: Novels—The Fault of Angels (1933); The Habit of Empire (1938); A Distant Trumpet (1960); Whitewater (1970); Mexico Bay (1982). Nonfiction—Centuries of the Santa Fe (1956); The Heroic Triad (1970); Encounters with Stravinsky (1972); The Thin Mountain Air (1977); Of America East and West (1984).