Baker, Ray Stannard (1870–1946), a United States journalist and author. He was a close friend of President Wilson and was his authorized biographer. The final two volumes of his Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters (8 volumes, 1927–39) won the 1940 Pulitzer Prize for history. Baker was born in Lansing, Michigan, and graduated from what is now Michigan State University. He was a newspaper reporter on the Chicago Record, 1892–97. On the staffs of McClure's Magazine, 1899–1905, and American Magazine, 1906–15, he became associated with the muckraking movement, writing crusading articles on many subjects.

Under the pen name David Grayson, Baker wrote Adventures in Contentment (1907) and six other volumes of homespun, philosophical sketches of country life. He wrote two autobiographical works, Native American (1941) and American Chronicle (1945).