Historical Events

From the Age of Enlightenment to the Christmas Truce, learn about some of history's most pivotal events.

Timeline of Civil Rights

What do civil rights mean to you? Ultimately they represent freedom -- the freedom to live your life without being repressed or discriminated against by either the government or private institutions. See a visual chronicle of the Civil Rights movement.

2011’s Smartest Moments in Pop Culture

Reality TV weddings aside, pop culture can do more than just melt your brain. The stuff of 2011's water cooler conversations contained kernels of credibility and nuggets of noteworthiness. What were pop culture's smartest moments this year?

10 Weirdest Headlines of 2011

With all the big headlines in 2011 you might've missed some gems, from "Cat Rescues Shelter" to "Planet-sized Diamond Detected." Here are our favorites.

2011 in Pictures

As we look back on 2011, what images of hope, hardship and joy defined the year? Come with us on a photographic journey that winds through the streets of Cairo and Wall Street, along the banks of swollen rivers and onto the distant slopes of Mars.

10 Most Long-lived Empires in History

Empires rise and empires fall -- it's a seemingly unavoidable fact of life on Earth. But these superpowers reigned longer than any others. What can we learn from their missteps and achievements?

10 Big Cases of Revenge

The concept of revenge predates legal history, and one could even say that it's simply part of who we are as humans. But sometimes the need for vengeance can kick into overdrive – as it did in these 10 infamous acts of revenge.

Why was the American Revolution so revolutionary?

What makes the American Revolution stand out in world history? Was it the introduction of guerrilla warfare or its stage outside the borders of its parent nation? All of those were noteworthy, but the real revolution was in what the Revolution created.

What was the impact of the Age of Enlightenment?

The ideas of the Age of Enlightenment turned to action when the U.S. broke from King George III and British rule. How did 18th century intellectual ideals incite revolution?

What was the most peaceful time in history?

Whether it's the topic of a holiday greeting card or a beauty pageant question, peace on Earth is on almost everybody's wish list. But has the world ever been truly peaceful?

2009 in Pictures

From the historical U.S. presidential inauguration to a world flu pandemic, 2009 was a year of successes and concerns. This year, we endured a recession, marveled at Mars and flooded the Internet with Michael Jackson searches.