From Earmuffs to Zippers
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Chester Greenwood: Earmuffs
As a big-eared child in Maine, Chester Greenwood was used to freezing weather. Of course, that doesn't mean he enjoyed it. Learn how his Stuff of Genius kept ears across America toasty (and made Chester famous) in this podcast.
Joshua Silver: Self-Adjustable Glasses
Professor Joshua Silver isn't an optometrist, but his self-adjustable eyeglasses have improved the vision of people across the developing world. Tune in and learn how this Oxford physicist plans to improve the vision of a billion people by 2020.
Levi Strauss: Blue Jeans
Today, blue jeans are one of the world's most iconic forms of clothing. But who came up with the idea? (Hint: It wasn't just Levi Strauss.) Tune in to learn more about blue jeans in this special episode featuring two inventors.
Louis Reard: Bikini
Louie Reard wasn't the typical automobile engineer, and his Stuff of Genius has nothing to do with cars. Tune in and learn how an otherwise mild-mannered inventor created one of history's most iconic -- and controversial -- pieces of swimwear.
What is the future of street fashion?
Could it be possible that your future wardrobe will includes clothes that change appearance based on your mood or the room you enter? Join editor Holly Frey as she explores the possibilities for clothing in the future.
Whitcomb Judson: Zipper
Nowadays zippers are everywhere -- they're faster than buttons, convenient and reliable. But where did they come from? Tune in and learn more about Whitcomb Judson's stuff of genius in this episode.
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