The Algonquian language group includes includes tribes that resided along the Eastern coast of the United States. Tribes such as the Powhatans are included in this group and you can learn about them here.


Naskapi (or Nascapee) Indians, both, a tribe of Indians of the Algonquian linguistic family, related to the Crees, and closely associated with the Montagnais.

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  • Abnaki Indians

    Abnaki Indians

    Abnaki (or Abenaki ) Indians, a group of related Algonquian-speaking tribes. Originally, they were divided into two branches. See more »

  • Arapaho Indians

    Arapaho Indians

    Arapaho Indians a Plains tribe of the Algonquian language family, closely allied with the Cheyennes. See more »

  • Atsina Indians

    Atsina Indians

    Atsina Indians, a branch of the Arapaho tribe of the Algonquian linguistic family. See more »

  • Blackfeet Indians

    Blackfeet Indians

    Blackfeet Indians, a confederacy of three tribes of the northern plains—the Siksika, or Blackfeet proper; the Bloods, or Kainah; and the Piegans. See more »

  • Cheyenne Indians

    Cheyenne Indians

    Cheyenne Indians , an important American Plains Indian tribe belonging to the Algonquian language family. See more »

  • Chippewa Indians

    Chippewa Indians

    Chippewa (or Ojibway) Indians, a large tribe of the Algonquian language family. When encountered by the French in the 17th century, they lived on the shores of Lakes Huron and Superior, in an area now occupied by parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario. See more »

  • Cree Indians

    Cree Indians

    Cree Indians, a tribe of the Algonquian language group. The Creewere originally a hunting people and roamed from upper Quebec to central Manitoba. See more »

  • Delaware Indians

    Delaware Indians

    Delaware (or Lenni Lenape) Indians , a confederacy of American Indians, at one time the most important of the Algonquian language group. See more »

  • Fox Indians

    Fox Indians

    Fox Indians, an Algonquian tribe that once lived in Wisconsin around the Fox River and Lake Winnebago. See more »

  • Illinois Indians

    Illinois Indians

    Illinois Indians, a confederation of tribes of the Algonquian language family. The Indians referred to themselves as Illiniwek, meaning “men” or “people”; Illinois was the French spelling of the name. See more »

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