Comanche Indians, a tribe of the Shoshonean language group. They were closely related to the Shoshoni of Wyoming, from whom they separated at about the time they got horses in the early 18th century. The Comanche used skin tepees, hunted buffalo, and did little farming. They were expert and daring horsemen who ranged the Southern Plains from the North Platte River to northern Mexico. They raided the Spanish and Mexicans for 200 years and later the Texans. Traders who dealt with them for their loot and captives were called Comancheros.

Led by Quanah, or Quanah Parker (his mother was Cynthia Ann Parker, a captive Texan), and allied with the Kiowas, the Comanchefought United States troops, 1867–75. They were defeated by Generals Ranald S. Mackenzie and Nelson A. Miles. The Comanche then settled down with the Kiowas on a reservation in Oklahoma. Today, there are about 10,000 Comanche living in the United States.