Brant, Joseph, or Thayendanegea, (1742-1807), a chief of the Mohawk Indians, one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois. He took his English surname from his stepfather, who was known as Brant among the Europeans. The British colonel Sir William Johnson befriended young Brant and sent him to Eleazar Wheelock's Indian school at Columbia, Connecticut. When only 13, Brant served under Johnson in the Battle of Lake George, during the French and Indian War. He also took part in the Niagara expedition of 1769 and in the war against pro-French Indian tribes led by Pontiac.

Brant went to England in 1775. He was commissioned in the British army at the outbreak of the American Revolution and led Indian allies of the British in the battle of Oriskany and the Cherry Valley massacre. After the war he lived on the Grand River at the site of present-day Brantford, Ontario. Before the war, he had translated various religious works into the Mohawk dialect. He died on November 24, 1807.