Miami Indians, a tribe of the Algonquian linguistic stock. They are also called Twightwees, and are usually considered as including the Wea and Piankashaw. The Miami, under their chief Little Turtle, took a prominent part in the defeat of Major General Arthur St. Clair (1791) and were beaten by Major General Anthony Wayne (1794).

The Miami lived near Green Bay (Wisconsin) in the 17th century. They later lived in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Three Ohio rivers—the Maumee, the Great Miami, and the Little Miami—are named for them. They gave up their Ohio lands by the Treaty of Greenville (1795). In 1840 most of the tribe went to Kansas, later going to Indian Territory (Oklahoma) with the Illinois Indians. Today, approximately 1,200 Miami Indians live in Oklahoma, and about 3,000 members of the tribe have settled in Indiana.