Oneida Indians , a tribe of Iroquoian linguistic heritage and historically one of the Iroquois Confederacy, or Five (later Six) Nations. The Oneidas were one of the five tribes that formed the Iroquios Confederacy about 1570. When the Tuscaroras were expelled from North Carolina by white settlers in the early 1700's, the Oneidas adopted them, increasing the number of tribes in the confederacy to six, and represented them in the confederacy's council. In the American Revolution, other Iroquois tribes supported the British, but the Oneidas and Tuscaroras fought with the Americans and were treated as enemies by the rest of the confederacy. After the war, some Oneidas moved to Canada. The main body of the tribe sold its lands in the 1840's and moved to Wisconsin.

In the late 1980's there were some 8,000 Oneidas. They were located mainly on or near reservations in Wisconsin (in the Green Bay area), New York (with the Onondagas near Syracuse), and Canada (along the Thames and Grand rivers in Ontario). Most farm or work in industry.