Notable British figures include Marquis Cornwallis and other people who fought to maintain control of the American colonies. Here you can get information on some of the important British figures in the Revolutionary War.

Earl of Shelburne

Shelburne, William Petty, Second Earl of (1737-1805), a British statesman.

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  • Edmund Burke

    Edmund Burke

    Burke, Edmund (1729-1797), a British statesman, writer, and orator. Burke was the leading conservative political philosopher of 18th-century Europe. See more »

  • Marquis Cornwallis

    Marquis Cornwallis

    Cornwallis, Charles Cornwallis, First Marquis (1738-1805), a British army officer and statesman. See more »

  • Richard and Sir William Howe

    Richard and Sir William Howe

    Howe, the name of two brothers who commanded British forces during the American Revolution. See more »

  • William Pitt

    William Pitt

    Pitt, the family name of two British prime ministers, father and son. See more »

  • Charles James Fox

    Charles James Fox

    Fox, Charles James (1749-1806), an English statesman and orator. Although an outstanding leader in the House of Commons, Fox rarely held important cabinet posts, largely because of the personal antagonism of the king. See more »

  • Earl of Shelburne

    Earl of Shelburne

    Shelburne, William Petty, Second Earl of (1737-1805), a British statesman. See more »

  • Frederick North

    Frederick North

    North, Frederick, Second Earl of Guilford (1732-1792), a British statesman. North, a Tory, was prime minister, 1770-82, during the period of the American Revolution. See more »

  • George Grenville

    George Grenville

    Grenville, George (1712-1770), a British statesman. As prime minister, first lord of the treasury, and chancellor of the exchequer, 1763-65, he grappled with financial troubles. See more »

  • John Andre

    John Andre

    Andre, John (1751-1780), a British army officer who was hanged as a spy during the American Revolution. See more »

  • John Burgoyne

    John Burgoyne

    Burgoyne, John (1722-1792), a British army officer in the American Revolution. His defeat at Saratoga was the first great American military victory. See more »

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