André, John (1751?-1780), a British army officer who was hanged as a spy during the American Revolution. In September, 1780, André met with Benedict Arnold at West Point to arrange the details of Arnold's planned betrayal of this important American fortress to the British. He was returning to New York City disguised as a civilian when he was seized by American militiamen near Tarrytown. Arnold's secret dispatches were discovered in his boots. André was brought before a court martial, condemned as a spy, and hanged near Tappan, New York.

André was born in London of Swiss-French parentage. He joined the British army at the age of 20 and served in Canada, 1774-75. André was captured by the Americans in 1775 and released in a prisoner exchange the following year. He then fought at Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. In 1778 he was made adjutant to the British commander Sir Henry Clinton, with the rank of major.

In 1821 André's remains were taken to England and buried in Westminster Abbey.