Robert Treat

Treat, Robert (1622–1710), an American colonial official. While governor of Connecticut (1683–87, 1689–98), he fought the attempts of other colonies and of England to encroach upon that colony's rights. During the period when Connecticut was forcibly consolidated into the Dominion of New England (1686–89), he was able to keep the colony's charter from being invalidated by England.

Treat was born in England and was brought to Connecticut as a child. In 1639 he settled at Milford in New Haven Colony, and by 1653 he was a deputy to the general court. Opposed to the absorption of New Haven by Connecticut, Treat led a group to New Jersey and founded Newark in 1666. He served in the East Jersey assembly, 1667–72. Returning to Connecticut, he commanded Connecticut troops in King Philip's War, 1675. He was elected deputy governor in 1676 and became governor upon the death of Governor Leete. He was again deputy governor, 1698–1708.