T.E. Lawrence and Earl Jellicoe both had important roles in the British involvement in World War I. Biographies of other major British figures in the First World War are presented in this section.

Sir Arthur W. Currie

Currie, Sir Arthur William (1875-1933), a Canadian army officer and educator. During World War I, he rose from lieutenant colonel of militia to lieutenant general in command of all Canadian forces in Europe.

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  • Earl Beatty

    Earl Beatty

    Beatty of the North Sea and of Brooksby, David Beatty, First Earl (1871-1936), a British naval officer. See more »

  • T. E. Lawrence

    T. E. Lawrence

    Lawrence, T. E. (Thomas Edward) (1888-1935), a British soldier and writer known as "Lawrence of Arabia." The Seven Pillars of Wisdom is his account of his adventures and ideas as leader of the Arabs in their successful revolt against Turkey in World War I. See more »

  • Sir Austen Chamberlain

    Sir Austen Chamberlain

    Chamberlain the family name of a father and two sons who were important British statesmen. See more »

  • Earl Haig

    Earl Haig

    Haig, Sir Douglas Haig, First Earl (1861-1928), a British army officer. During World War I he was commander in chief of the British Expeditionary Forces in France and Flanders from December, 1915, until the Armistice. See more »

  • Earl Jellicoe

    Earl Jellicoe

    Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, First Earl (1859-1935), a British naval officer. See more »

  • Earl Kitchener

    Earl Kitchener

    Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, Horatio Herbert Kitchener, First Earl (1850-1916), a British army officer. See more »

  • Jan C. Smuts

    Jan C. Smuts

    Smuts, Jan Christiaan (1870-1950), a South African statesman and army officer. He was prime minister of the Union of South Africa (1919-24 and 1939-48) and a leader in the British Empire. See more »

  • John D. P. French

    John D. P. French

    French, John Denton Pinkstone, First Earl of Ypres (1852-1925), a British army officer. See more »

  • Louis Botha

    Louis Botha

    Botha, Louis (1862-1919), a Boer army officer. He helped to establish the Union of South Africa and became its first prime minister. See more »

  • Marquess Curzon

    Marquess Curzon

    Curzon, of Kedleston, George Nathaniel Curzon, First Marquess (1859-1925), a British statesman. See more »

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