Sir Alan Brooke and others helped lead Great Britain in the fight against the Axis Powers during World War II. Information about him and other notable British figures involved in World War II can be found here.

Sir A. F. Brooke

Brooke, Sir Alan Francis, First Viscount Alanbrooke (1883-1963), a British army officer.

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  • Earl Alexander

    Earl Alexander

    Alexander of Tunis, Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, First Earl (1891-1969), a British general and statesman. See more »

  • Clement Richard Attlee

    Clement Richard Attlee

    Attlee, Clement Richard, First Earl Attlee (1883-1967), a British statesman. He was leader of the Labour party, 1935-55, and served as Great Britain's prime minister, 1945-51. See more »

  • Earl Mountbatten of Burma

    Earl Mountbatten of Burma

    Mountbatten of Burma, Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mount-batten, First Earl (1900-1979), a British naval officer. See more »

  • Earl Wavell

    Earl Wavell

    Wavell, Archibald Percival Wavell, First Earl (1883-1950), a British army officer. See more »

  • O. C. Wingate

    O. C. Wingate

    Wingate, Orde Charles (1903-1944), a British army officer. His daring "Wingate's Raiders" harassed the Japanese far behind their lines in Burma during World War II. See more »

  • Sir A. F. Brooke

    Sir A. F. Brooke

    Brooke, Sir Alan Francis, First Viscount Alanbrooke (1883-1963), a British army officer. See more »

  • Sir B. H. Ramsay

    Sir B. H. Ramsay

    Ramsay, Sir Bertram Home (1883-1945), a British naval officer. He was born in Coldstream, Berwick, and joined the navy at 15. See more »

  • Trafford L. Leigh-Mallory

    Trafford L. Leigh-Mallory

    Leigh-Mallory, Sir Trafford Leigh (1892-1944), a British air officer. His direction of fighter groups in the Midlands region of England during the Battle of Britain (1940) won him knighthood. See more »

  • Viscount Cunningham

    Viscount Cunningham

    Cunningham of Hyndhope, Andrew Browne Cunningham, Viscount (1883-1963), a British naval officer. See more »

  • Viscount Montgomery

    Viscount Montgomery

    Montgomery of Alamein, Bernard Law Montgomery, First Viscount (1887-1976). a British army officer who gained distinction in World War II. See more »

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