Brooke, Sir Alan Francis, First Viscount Alanbrooke (1883–1963), a British army officer. As head of the British army during World War II he was a leading adviser of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Brooke entered the army in 1902. He won many honors in World War I. Early in World War II, when the German blitzkrieg overwhelmed Belgium, Holland, and France, Brooke was largely responsible for saving the British army during the retreat to Dunkirk.

Back in England, Brooke was placed in command of the home forces and in 1941 became chief of the Imperial General Staff. He held this position throughout the war. Brooke was made a field marshal in 1944 and in 1946 was created Viscount Alanbrooke. His diaries, edited by Sir Arthur Bryant, were published as Turn of the Tide (1957) and Triumph in the West (1959).