10 Big Cases of Revenge


Dr. Hawley Crippen

Dr. Hawley Crippen, mild-mannered adulterer or cold-blooded murderer?
Dr. Hawley Crippen, mild-mannered adulterer or cold-blooded murderer?
Edward Gooch/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Revenge is sometimes best served confusingly and possibly from beyond the grave -- and perhaps by someone else entirely, or possibly unfairly.

Such is the case with Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, a homeopathic doctor living in London with his concert singer wife, Cora. Mrs. Crippen discovered her husband was having an affair and announced she was ready to move on with the couple's money, which was mostly hers. Shortly after, she went missing and was never seen again.

Dr. Crippen told friends that she'd fallen ill and died during a series of performances in Los Angeles. In short order, Dr. Crippen sold his wife's jewelry, gave his landlord three month's notice and set sail with his mistress for a new life in the U.S. Soon, however, Mrs. Crippen's friends alerted Scotland Yard they suspected foul play and Dr. Crippen's home was investigated. A body turned up in the cellar; Dr. Crippen was arrested and convicted of his wife's murder and hanged in 1910.

In 2007, forensic evidence proved the remains hadn't been Mrs. Crippen's. In fact, they belonged to a man [source: MSU].Some aficionados of the case suspect that Dr. Crippen successfully disposed of his wife's remains, but was hanged for her murder based on the remains of someone else. It's possible those remains belonged to another person Dr. Crippen had murdered. It's also possible that he was wrongly executed.