10 Weirdest Headlines of 2011

What do a polydactyl cat and a diamond "planet" have in common? Both made headlines in 2011. (This little guy isn't the cat in question, but check out those extra digits on the inside of each paw.) See more pictures from 2011.
©iStockphoto.com/Denise McQuillen

Stock prices, political unrests, crime reports and unemployment numbers: There were plenty of serious news headlines to grab our attention in 2011. Fortunately, there were a few lighthearted ones, too.

From rock stars' scrawls being studied like cave paintings to real-life superheroes who made a mess out of fighting crime, we invite you to join us as we recap 10 of the wackiest stories that popped up on Web sites, got shared on Twitter and Facebook, filled up the last 30 seconds of the nightly news or attracted attention at the newsstand. (But not via tabloids, which we decided to exclude from the running. Those would've made for a whole different article.)

It all starts on the next page with the story of a stray cat that helped raise thousands of dollars -- thanks to his unusual toes.