10 Weirdest Headlines of 2011


Convict Sues Hostages for Breach of Contract

In 2011, a convict sued his former hostages for $235,000. According to the lawsuit, when fugitive murder suspect Jesse Dimmick broke into a newlywed couple's Kansas home in 2009, the couple promised to accept money from him in exchange for hiding him from the authorities who he claimed were actively giving him chase. After eating Cheetos, drinking Dr. Pepper and watching a movie, Dimmick fell asleep. At which point the couple made a hasty exit and contacted police.

Dimmick, who is representing himself in court, contends the couple reneged on the oral contract they allegedly made with him, so he's asking for money to cover his medical bills and other expenses. (Dimmick required treatment after an officer's firearm accidentally discharged during his capture and shot him in the back.) As of Nov. 28, 2011, the couple he held hostage had filed a motion to have the claim dismissed [source: Hrenchir].

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