10 Weirdest Headlines of 2011


Highway Temporarily Covered in Bees

Like many of the roadways that form the transportation lifeline across the U.S., the portion of Interstate 15 near Salt Lake City is occasionally the site of road-improvement projects. On Oct. 25, 2011, however, one stretch of I-15 was repaved in an unexpected way.

A truck moving millions of bees ran into trouble when its driver failed to successfully navigate a construction zone. The truck hit a barrier and overturned, causing the 450 bee colonies it carried to topple over, too. Although the hives were held in with netting, an estimated 20 million bees escaped and covered the Interstate, which led to a traffic standstill -- at least for a few hours [source: Nelson].

While about 20 local beekeepers scrambled to help round up the bees, two responding law enforcement officers and the truck's driver were treated for bee stings. No word on when the sting of losing their homes wore off for the bees.