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Dog Food Ads Launched for Canine Customers

Curious about how dogs' senses work? Learn more in these videos.

European dog owners take note: If your canine companion seemed a little more famished than usual during September 2011, television advertising may be to blame (or thank, as the case may be).

In 2011, dog-friendly TV ads hit the small screen in Austria. The ads emitted three high-pitched sounds -- a squeak, a solid tone and a ping -- that were designed to appeal to dogs. The ads also, for the sake of any humans watching, included words and images that symbolized the bond between humans and dogs and, of course, encouraged dog owners to purchase this particular brand of dog food.

Although there's no conclusive word on whether the combination of specially toned squeaks and pings had an effect on dog food sales, the 23-second ads were certainly novel. The brainchild of dog-food maker Nestle, the TV campaign followed a promotion built around scented posters designed to attract dogs to the company's Beneful brand [source: Nestle].