10 Weirdest News Stories of 2013

Rob Ford Lands in the News, Repeatedly
This special council meeting on Nov. 18, 2013, at Toronto City Hall seemed to be just one of many photo ops for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. © Aaron Harris/Reuters/Corbis

You could argue that Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford, gleefully took the trophy for 2013's weirdest news story, put it on public display and proceeded to embellish it with sparkles and ribbons. It's not just that he was accused of smoking crack. It's that he had to ruefully admit it after the police let everyone know that they had a video of it [source: Visser et al.]. And that he did so in a drunken stupor. And that he bought illegal drugs while mayor. Then there was the bizarre, ranting video that the Toronto Star published that made Ford look like a sweaty Chris Farley "Saturday Night Live" skit [source: Armstrong].

After that, he forcefully -- and graphically -- denied making sexual comments to a female staffer in front of reporters [source: Ohlheiser]. As the din rises for Ford to step down (and power is stripped from him), Ford still insists he'll stay mayor, and is happy to make public appearances and interviews. Even better, he and his brother launched their own current events program on Canadian television, which was canceled after one episode [source: BBC]. There's no reason to think that 2014 won't be another banner year for Mayor Ford.