10 Weirdest News Stories of 2013

Tweeter? They Hardly Knew 'Er.
Twitter made its much-anticipated debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Nov. 7, 2013. Tweeter, on the other hand, is a defunct electronics store. Don't get 'em confused. Павел Игнатов/iStock/Thinkstock

Tweeter is an electronics company that filed for bankruptcy in 2007. Twitter is the social media site that was valued at $17 billion for its initial public offering [source: Blodget]. If you find yourself getting them confused, let's hope it's in everyday conversation, and not when you're buying shares of the stock.

That's what exactly what happened in early October when Twitter was set to make its public debut on the stock exchange. Apparently, some investors got so excited for Twitter's pending arrival that they saw "Tweeter" and went for it. The stock price rose more than 1,000 percent, as it went from under a penny a share to 15 cents a share in one day. More than 11.7 million shares of the firm were traded Oct. 4. Keep in mind that the day they discussed filing for bankruptcy, about 13.1 million shares were traded [source: Mikolajczak].

Alas, if you did accidentally invest in Tweeter, you probably were disappointed to see that, within a few days, Tweeter stock symbol -- TWTRQ -- was changed to THEGQ to combat confusion. (That Q indicates bankruptcy proceedings.) And with that, the stock nosedived back to less than a cent per share [source: Schaefer].

How can 2013 be topped for weird news? Will Rob Ford recommit himself to politics or start dabbling in hallucinogenics? Will I buy stock in football players based solely on the merits of their touchdown dances? Will we see another alligator in Baggage Claim 3, or will we have to settle for an apparition of Hugo Chavez? Only Lesus knows for sure.

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