10 Weirdest News Stories of 2013

Don't Feed the Yetis
You can see pictures of the abominable snowman and his cryptozoological buddies all over the place, but DNA samples are a little harder to come by. Simon Oxley/Thinkstock/iStock

Rule: If a news item can legitimately discuss the abominable snowman as a matter of fact, it deserves to be on a list of weird stories. And in October 2013, an Oxford geneticist was able to bring a little evidence to the myth of the yeti. Curious about what people were actually seeing when they claimed a yeti, Sasquatch or abominable snowman sighting, scientist Bryan Sykes asked for hair or tissue samples that true believers had collected from their supposed spotting.

He found something interesting: two samples -- one from Bhutan and one from India -- matched the genetic blueprint of an Arctic polar bear up to 120,000 years old [source: Than]. While some of us are bursting with excitement to know that a species of ancient polar bear might be wandering the Himalayas, other scientists were quick to counsel caution. For one, many animals share DNA, so it's hard to say they're a total match even if a certain sequence of DNA is identical. They also point out that the sample -- two hairs -- is pretty paltry.