10 Weirdest News Stories of 2013

Seattle Cops Hand Out Munchies
The Seattle Police Department handed out Doritos at Seattle's 2013 Hempfest that were tasty and informative. © Matt Mills McKnight/Reuters/Corbis

When Washington state voted to legalize marijuana in 2012, the Seattle Police Department decided to start an information campaign about the new law -- and made it a publicity boon. But where to find hundreds of thousands of pot supporters, and how to appeal to them?

Lucky for them, Seattle hosts an annual Hempfest where 250,000 revelers celebrate cannabis. And instead of handing out boring informational leaflets, the SPD hit upon a much more satisfying idea: hand out bags of Doritos, pasted with a sticker that elucidates the law [source: Young].

Yup, the SPD handed out munchies to the stoned masses. They also referred to the project as "Operation Orange Fingers" and tweeted official announcements like, "Please ignore maliciously false reports that we're giving out Bugles at @seattlehempfest. We would never, ever do that" [source: Young].