10 Weirdest News Stories of 2013


Alligator Fears

I've got a flight to catch! Lloyd Luecke/iStock/Thinkstock
I've got a flight to catch! Lloyd Luecke/iStock/Thinkstock

The initial story was bizarre enough: Airport workers at O'Hare in Chicago found an alligator wandering around Baggage Claim 3 in the early hours of a November morning. The small alligator (about 2 feet, or 0.6 meters, long) appeared undernourished and sickly to the Chicago Herpetological Society, which assumed custody of the alligator after the cops declined to charge it with the crime of inciting a million "alligator bag" jokes.

But this gator's story didn't stop there. Authorities turned to the Chicago Transit Authority's vast network of 3,600 cameras, and found one lead. At about 1 a.m. on the morning the alligator was later found, they have footage of a woman getting on at a stop, alligator in her arms as she chatted on her phone. (Another rider confirmed that a woman got on with the alligator and let people take pictures of her little friend.) The presumption is that the animal managed to get away from her at the airport -- she seemed too fond of it to be guilty of abandonment [sources: Associated Press, Mungin].