10 Real Events That Seem Like Hoaxes

Jesus Thwarts a Robbery
Once again, Jesus saves the day. Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

Derek Lee chose the wrong group of women to rob in Lake City, Fla.

Jacquie Hagler was throwing a jewelry party at her house when Lee walked in wearing a bandanna over his face and holding a gun. When he demanded her 15 partygoers turn over their money and cell phones, and then held his gun to one of their heads, they held their ground – religiously [source: News4Jax].

Hagler turned to her faith for help. Rather than handing over the loot, she told the gunman to get out "in the name of Jesus." She said it again and again. Her friends joined in the chanting, and Lee was soon faced with a room full of women calling "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" [source: News4Jax].

Lee fled the house at a sprint. Despite the bandanna, the women later picked him out of a photo lineup. He was arrested, and Hagler forgave him.