10 Real Events That Seem Like Hoaxes

Liz and Dick Get a Yacht for Their Dogs
Richard Burton with wife Elizabeth Taylor on a winter sports holiday, surrounded by their precious pooches. © James Andanson/Apis/Sygma/Corbis

Celebrities – and the wealthy in general – have been known to do some wacky things with their riches, and actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, one of the most famous Hollywood couples of all time, are no exception.

It's positively tabloid-esque: They were filming a movie in England in the '60s, and Liz was determined to bring along her four beloved dogs [source: United Press International]. Small problem, though – England had very strict regulations when it came to importing pets. In order to prevent the spread of rabies, all dogs had to spend six months in quarantine upon arrival (a rule that was changed in 2012) [source: Associated Press].

Quarantine, of course, was out of the question, and apparently leaving them behind was, too. The solution? Put the dogs in a 120-foot (36.6 meter) yacht and dock it on the Thames River, just off English soil [source: United Press International]. The cost to keep their four dogs by their sides? In today's dollars, about $16,000 a week [source: Associated Press].

Despite the cost, the actors upped the bill further by spending nights in a hotel suite rather than onboard the boat. A policeman was assigned to call the yacht every few hours during in the day to check that all was well with the pampered pooches [source: Associated Press].