10 Real Events That Seem Like Hoaxes

What Dolly Parton's Chest Is Worth
Dolly Parton sings a duet with Norah Jones who appears to be overawed by her singing partner's magnificent chest. © TAMI CHAPPELL/Reuters/Corbis

You'll hear lots of rumors about celebrity insurance policies. There's a juicy one about J.Lo's butt, which by some accounts boasts $1 billion in coverage [source: Huffington Post]. This particular policy has never been verified (so spread that one as fun, not truth). A billion does seem a bit over the top.

Another celebrity body part, however – actually a pair -- is confirmed to be insured for a hefty sum. Country singer Dolly Parton's famous 40DDs carry a $600,000 policy – $300,000 each -- and Parton isn't shy about it. They're arguably worth every penny, considering they're real [source: Romero].

Other famous "parts" that have carried a whole lot of coverage include Heidi Klum's legs, Mark Maguire's ankle, Fred Astaire's legs and Bruce Springsteen's vocal chords [source: ABC News].