Why can't we solve the Amelia Earhart mystery?

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Author's Note: Why can't we solve the Amelia Earhart mystery?

When reading about Amelia Earhart's disappearance and the longstanding search for clues to her fate, I (Chris) can't help but start singing "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," the title track from Neutral Milk Hotel's critically acclaimed 1998 album. I also can't help but think about how frontman Jeff Mangum's Earhart-like disappearance from the stage after the album's release has helped him cash in on the album's steadily increasing popularity 15 years later. Mangum became an indie rock hermit of sorts following the critical success of the band's second album, popping up every once in a while to play a song or two or host a radio show. In the meantime, the legend of Neutral Milk Hotel grew. Last year, Mangum decided to come out of hiding. Since then, he and his bandmates have been playing sold-out shows around the world as listeners young and old flock to hear tracks from a little album recorded when many of them were in grade school. Maybe Earhart's just holding out for a good deal.

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