London, Paris and Beyond: The European Capitals Quiz

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London, Paris and Beyond: The European Capitals Quiz
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Yeah, yeah, everyone knows that Emily just loves Paris. But what about some of the other 40-plus capital cities in Europe? Take our quiz to learn more!
What was Germany's capital city during the whole of the Berlin Wall period?
From World War II to 1990 when the Berlin Wall came down, Bonn was the capital city of Germany. Apart from that period, Berlin has served as the nation's capital. Don't feel too bad for Bonn, though, as it was granted second capital status after Berlin was reinstated.
Why did Varazdin lose its designation as the capital of Croatia?
That portion of the country was taken over by Hungary.
A huge fire broke out, so they had to relocate the capital.
From 1756 to 1776, Varazdin served as Croatia's capital, until a big fire destroyed 80 percent of the buildings in the city. After that, Zagreb once again became the capital.
It was bombed to devastation during a conflict.
Which of these Italian cities has never been a capital?
Before Rome took over Italy's capital duties in 1871, it was briefly Turin, then Florence.


Tournai used to be the capital of France. Which country is it now in?
The borders of France have changed over the centuries, so long ago Tournai was within the nation's limits and was the capital. Now it is part of Belgium.
Which European capital city is home to the world's oldest zoo?
The Vienna Zoo was built way back in 1752, and is still open for visitors. Currently, it houses 700 or so animal species, and is considered to be the most beautiful zoo in Europe.
This European country has the smallest population in the world and is its own capital:
Vatican City
The city-state of Vatican City is the smallest nation in the world. It is only 109 acres and has a population of around 800 people. Most residents are connected with the Holy See, the government of the Roman Catholic Church. Although located inside Rome, Vatican City has its own post office, banking system and police force (the Swiss Guards).


Which of these was banned in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, from 1924 to 1984?
At the time, dogs were still considered farm animals, and the thought was that they couldn't adapt to city life. The pooch ban was partially lifted in 1984, then completely done away with in 2006. Incidentally, beer was banned in the whole of Iceland from 1915 to 1989, and TV broadcasts couldn't happen on Thursdays until 1987! The latter was to encourage people to outside and socialize.
Which capital city is the most northerly one in the world?
Nuuk, Greenland
Nuuk, Greenland only wins out by a few miles over Reykjavik. However, if you're talking about sovereign countries, Reykjavik wins, since Greenland is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.
Reykjavik, Iceland
Oslo, Norway
Which European capital has the world's largest concentration of billionaires?
Moscow was home to 79 billionaires in 2021, according to Forbes. That's a whole lot of rubles.


Which capital city is considered the Silicon Valley of Europe?
Thanks to low corporate taxes, a huge number of major tech companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook have their European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. In fact, the area around Grand Canal Dock in Dublin is known casually as "Silicon Docks," because so many tech companies are in the area.
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