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The Strange History of Neuschwanstein Castle is No Disney Fairy Tale

This very famous castle (and the inspiration for Cinderella's castle at Disneyland) was built for just one person, often called Mad King Ludwig. But was he really insane or just slandered by his enemies?

Big Ben Is Getting a Big Facelift

The famed London clock tower marks 160 years in silence as its historic restoration continues.

Notre Dame Cathedral: What It Took to Build Her

One of the most famous buildings in the world has burned. What did it take to build it in the first place?

Norway's Ridiculously Short Border Fence

What was behind the building of possibly the world's shortest border fence?

How the European Union Works

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, a group of 28 European countries. What does the EU do and why would countries want to leave — or join — it?

Drought Reveals Ancient Henge in Ireland

Ireland's severe drought has been alarming to some, but a new archaeological discovery has provided a silver lining.

What's the Difference Between England, the U.K. and Great Britain?

There's a whale of a difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain. But whatever you do, don't call someone from Scotland "English."

Medieval Villagers Mutilated Corpses to Prevent the Dead From Rising

A mass grave from a medieval England village provides archaeological evidence that people wanted those lain to rest to stay that way.

How the Crusades Worked

The control of Jerusalem and conflicts between Islam and the Western world may read like topics from today's headlines. But they were also at the heart of the Crusades.

Free City

Free City , a town or city that governs itself and is independent, or largely independent, of the country in which it is located.

Golliard Songs

Goliard SongsLatin songs written from the 10th to early 13th centuries. They are among the earliest examples of Western secular music.