10 Real Events That Sound Just Like Horror Movies

Back off, bandage man. Real life is way scarier than you could ever be. © Stamatoyoshi/iStockphoto

Too often, the fun of a creepy horror movie dissipates. Perhaps the plot unravels in a multitude of forehead-slapping ways. Maybe the monster or killer has a silly costume that detracts from the suspense. Or perhaps the acting is simply atrocious. Where fiction fails, however, the real world often succeeds.

You don't need made-up horror movies when planet Earth provides a non-stop reel of nightmarish insanity. Humans make their own evil drama on the stage of endless wars. Mother Nature offers up carnage in ceaseless survival-of-the-fittest scenarios that top any bloody screenplay.

But it's not always blood and guts that shock our collective systems. Our world is chockful of creepy mysteries and wonders that defy any sort of scientific explanation. From eerie hauntings to unexplained lights in the sky, we simply don't have all of the answers for the circumstances that befuddle us and stalk our dreams and nightmares.

So put on your brave face, grab your fuzzy security blanket and turn off the lights. Keep reading and you'll plunge into the depths of darkness — stories of our real world that put any make-believe horror film to shame.