10 Real Events That Sound Just Like Horror Movies

Zombie Dogs
OK, the dogs in this experiment didn’t get cute makeup stitches like this one. They also probably didn’t get to meet Batman. © YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images

Voracious packs of zombie dogs sound like something from a hallucinogen-fueled nightmare. Thanks to researchers at the University of Pittsburg, those creepy canines are a step closer to reality.

In 2005, scientists at the school drained numerous dogs of their blood and then filled their circulatory systems with a chilled saline solution. For up to three hours, the dogs remained in this suspended state with no signs of heartbeat or brain activity.

Then, researchers replaced the blood, gave the dogs a jolt of electricity, and they came back to life. After the experiments, a few dogs showed signs of permanent physical and behavioral problems. Others, however, seemed perfectly intact.

Although the tests may seem inhumane, the results are used to find better ways to stabilize human trauma victims until they can be transported (and resuscitated) at a medical center.

Regardless of the purpose, the scenario is a little spooky. Zombie dogs probably won't escape a laboratory anytime soon, but if they do, you may want to give them something to gnaw on other than your leg.