Capitalize This! The State Capitals Quiz

By: Alia Hoyt
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Capitalize This! The State Capitals Quiz
Image: Sacramento. Credit: Janet Kopper/Getty Images

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Every state has a capital city, which houses the government where all the legislative action happens. How much do you know about these capitals, which are often not the biggest cities in their states?
A lot of people assume that Los Angeles is the capital of California. Why was Sacramento chosen, instead?
It was settled first.
Los Angeles was known for debauchery and politicians didn't want that reputation associated with the capital.
It was the epicenter of the Gold Rush.
The Gold Rush was a pretty big deal back in the day, so Sacramento really took off as a result. The city was also selected because it's close to both the Pacific coast and the Sierra Nevada.
Which capital city is home to the most people?
Nearly 1.7 million people call Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, home. Austin doesn't even have 100,000 residents. Guess not everything's bigger in Texas!
What substance once flooded the streets of Boston, the capital city of Massachusetts?
In 1919, a 50-foot molasses tank burst and caused 2.3 million gallons of molasses to flood Commercial Street on the North End. Twenty-one people died and entire buildings were destroyed!


Which capital is affectionately known as Goat Hill?
Montgomery, Alabama
In 1820, a founder of Montgomery set aside land for a state house to be built in the future. In the meantime, it grew dense with weeds and foliage and as a result attracted goats and other grazing animals.
Helena, Montana
Frankfort, Kentucky
What's unique about Juneau, the capital of Alaska?
It's the smallest state capital of the 50.
You can't get there by road.
You'll need a plane or ferry to get to Juneau and navigate the surrounding ice fields, waterways and glacial mountains.
It's the only state capital named after a Roman goddess.
Which of these was the first-ever state capital?
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe was crowned capital of New Mexico way back in 1610. It's also home to the Palace of the Governors, the country's oldest public building.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jackson, Mississippi


Which city was the capital of the Confederate States of America?
Columbia, South Carolina
Richmond, Virginia
When Virginia seceded from the Union, the CSA capital was moved to Richmond from Montgomery, Alabama. Much of Richmond was burned at the conclusion of the Civil War.
Atlanta, Georgia
Which current state capital was briefly the capital of the newly formed United States of America?
Boston, Massachusetts
Trenton, New Jersey
For the last two months of 1784, Trenton served as the U.S. capital. Although it was moved pretty quickly, this was a nice segue for the city to become the state's capital, at least.
Concord, New Hampshire
What's the capital of Florida?
Tallahassee's designation as capital hails from 1824 when it became a U.S. territory and leaders were looking for a place between the old territories of East and West Florida. At the time, hardly anyone lived below Ocala in Central Florida.


Why is it state "capital" and not "capitol?"
Capitol is the British way of spelling.
Capital refers to the city, while capitol is the actual building.
"Capitol" is a building. If you're referring to a capital city's building, just call it the state Capitol.
There's no difference, they can be used interchangeably.
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Sacramento. Credit: Janet Kopper/Getty Images