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Royal Babies Quiz
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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife, Meghan have had their first child. Royal watchers, test your knowledge of the bejeweled babies of the British royal family with this quiz.
British royal babies typically have how many first names?
3 or 4
You can never have enough first names if you’re a royal baby. In Britain, these infants are often graced with three or four first names, like William Arthur Philip Louis.
5 or 6
How does the British royal family present news of a royal birth?
It's displayed on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace
After every birth, the family places a framed note on an easel in front of the palace. People from all over the city line up to take a peak at the official announcement, because really, there’s nothing better to do in London.
A horseman rides through the lands shouting the baby’s name.
Facebook, duh
What's Prince Louis' position in line for the throne?
He's fourth, ahead of Princess Charlotte since he is a boy.
He's fifth, behind Princess Charlotte since she is older.
Louis is fifth. Thanks to a law passed in 2013, boys no longer get priority over girls in determining the line of succession to the British throne.
He's third, thanks to a little-known rule involving second sons in royal families.


After a British royal baby is born, what happens at the Tower of London?
Tea is served.
There is a 62-gun salute.
The Tower of London lets off a 62-gun salute. The usual salute is 21 guns, but this is a royal baby, after all.
There is a 21-gun salute.
Princess Diana was the first British royal mother to give birth in ____.
a water bath
a hospital
It’s been a long-standing tradition for British royalty to give birth at home. Diana was the first to zoom off to the hospital, St. Mary’s, where she birthed William and Harry.
the palace
How do British royal babies get their last names?
They get them the same as anyone else.
When they reach age 10, they get to choose for themselves.
They don’t need last names.
British royal babies don’t get surnames. They just use the name of their royal house instead. So Prince George goes by George Cambridge at school.


When Princess Diana was giving birth, what unusual action did Prince Charles take?
He was with her in the delivery room.
Royal British men were never with their wives in the delivery room. Charles broke with tradition, staying with his wife during her labor.
He pointed his finger at Queen Elizabeth and told her to go home.
He finished a polo match before heading for the hospital.
True or false: The British royal family never announces the sex of the baby before it’s born.
It’s always a surprise. Ultrasound technology has been around for generations, but British royalty love to keep people guessing as to the baby’s sex until after the birth.
Until the 1920s, what was a requirement of royal births?
The baby received a tiny golden crown that was often displayed in pictures or paintings.
The baby was branded with a royal seal on its bottom.
Government witnesses had to be present during labor.
Government witnesses weren’t optional — they were there to make sure the babies were straight up legit, because you never know when someone might sneak another baby into the delivery room. The practice was finally ended in the 1920s.


What's special about a Royal christening?
The archbishop uses water from the River Jordan.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, who performs the christening, always uses water from the River Jordan, which is where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Incidentally, the service is always private and the same christening gown is passed around to various members of the Royal family.
French nuns make a new christening gown for each baby.
The public is always invited but since only 20 members can get in, the tickets are extremely valuable.
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