10 Real Events That Seem Like Hoaxes

Yes, the story about 50 Cent is true. Click through our article to find out more about it. See more music pictures. © MARIO ANZUONI/Reuters/Corbis

Who among us hasn't been fooled? Balloon Boy. Gay Girl in Damascus.

Alien autopsy. War of the Worlds. Aborted fetal cells in face creams (oh wait, that one's true). Jen is pregnant. Paul is dead. A Nigerian prince needs your help.

The big hoax has never been easier to achieve, and these days, a little cynicism is only smart. But in a strange twist, it turns out the cynics – and everyone in their address books – might be missing some really great stuff.

Even the craziest stories can turn out, on occasion, to be worthy of a mass-forward. Here, 10 tales that can't be true – the irony is too perfect, the romance too romantic, the absurdity over the top. And yet, here we are.

Did you hear the one about Elvis meeting with Nixon in the Oval Office? One of them showed up in a velvet suit, and that's probably the least ridiculous part of the story.